Who We Are The people & organisations behind this

The Dark Mountain Workshop is a group of artists from within and beyond the stage arts in Sweden. The project is a collaboration between Riksteatern and the Dark Mountain Project.


The Workshop Group

Clara Bankefors, dancer and choreographer.
Anders Duus, playwright.
Emelie Enlund, dancer and choreographer.
Lisa Färnström, director.
Andrea Hejlskov, writer.
Liv Elf Karlén, playwright and director.
Andreas Kundler, actor and director.
Måns Lagerlöf, artistic director.
Ida Lod, musician and performance artist.
Ayesha Quraishi, rapper.
Patrik Qvist, artist.
Ninna Tersman, playwright.
Jesper Weithz, novelist.
Ruben Wätte, artist.


The Team

Dougald Hine, host.
Josefin Lindberg, producer.
Fredrik Berg, scenographer.
Theresia Billberg, sound design.
Johan Rutherhagen, graphic design.



Riksteatern is a touring national theatre owned by a popular movement. Forty thousand members, organized in over 230 theatre associations, arrange, promote, produce and develop performing arts. Among its responsibilities, Riksteatern is charged with providing expert support to the performing arts in Sweden as a whole. And under its current leadership, it has committed to making climate change a focus across the range of its work.

The Dark Mountain Workshop is an artistic development programme that Riksteatern is offering to a group of artists whose work has the potential to shape the future development of the stage arts in Sweden. Through the public events attached to this programme, it also aims to stimulate a wider conversation about the role of art in a time of ecological crisis.


The Dark Mountain Project

The Dark Mountain Project grew from a self-published manifesto into a wave of books, festivals, live events, music albums and an international network of writers and artists. Within five years, the New York Times could introduce Dark Mountain to its readers as a movement that was ‘changing the environmental debate in Britain and the rest of Europe’.

Dark Mountain is not an intellectual project, a political project or an activist project. It is entangled with all those worlds – but at its heart it is an artistic project, a literary journal that branched in more directions than its founders ever imagined.

Read Uncivilisation: The Dark Mountain Manifesto (2009) by Paul Kingsnorth and Dougald Hine.